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What's New in the Campground

Welcome Back!

We're glad to see everyone back for another season. Please read through the links of the 2016 Spring Newsletter and bookmark or download as a reference for the 2016 season. The Spring Newsletter is the first in a series that will keep you up to date and informed about what's going on in our campground.


2017 Spring Newsletter

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Newsletters & News Updates

Want updates from the Pike Lake Office? We will once again be emailing the weekly newsletter to those who wish to receive it. To be on the mail list, email ploffice@pikelake.com with subject "Newsletter Mailing List".
  Stocking the Lake 2017
  May 18, 2017 Newsletter
  May 26, 2017 Newsletter
 June 1, 2017 Newsletter
 June 8, 2017 Newsletter
 June 15, 2017 Newsletter
 June 21, 2017 Newsletter
 Newsletter Bulletin June 23 re. Flooding
 Newsletter Bulletin June 28 re. Flooding
 June 29, 2017 Newsletter
 July 6, 2017 Newsletter
 July 13, 2017 Newsletter
 July 21, 2017 Newsletter
 July 29, 2017 Newsletter
 Pike Lake Annual Steak BBQ
 August 2, 2017 Newsletter
 Anniversary Weekend Events
 August 10, 2017 Newsletter
 August 17, 2017 Newsletter
 August 25, 2017 Newsletter
 August 30, 2017 Newsletter
 September 15, 2017 Newsletter
If you would like to save a Newsletter to your computer for offline viewing, right mouse click on the Newsletter link you want, then click on Save Target/Link As... from the shortcut menu. Take note of where it is saved for later viewing